At the Ragnarök Hot Sauce Company, we blend the ancient traditions of warrior cultures with the fiery passion of hot sauce aficionados. Our sauces are crafted with authentic flavors inspired by ancient recipes and the spirit of the battlefield, making them a tribute to fearless warriors throughout history.

What are some of your signature hot sauces? Yes, we offer a range of unique flavors that fuse fiery tastes with Norse mythology. Some of our signature hot sauces include “Geri and Freki Tropical Habanero,” “Huginn and Muninn Serrano Verde,” and “Mjolnir Carolina Style Mustard.” Each sauce is associated with a different deity, carrying a piece of Norse mythology.

Geri and Freki’s Tropical Habanero hot sauce embodies the power and ferocity of Odin’s loyal companions. Made with handpicked habanero peppers, this fiery concoction delivers a tropical twist, transporting your taste buds to exotic realms. Prepare yourself for a wild culinary journey that awakens all your senses.

Yes, the Ragnarok Hot Sauces are committed to giving back. By purchasing these sauces, you become part of a community that supports charitable initiatives. So, not only do you get to indulge in amazing flavors, but you also contribute to making a positive impact through your purchase.

If a bottle breaks during shipping, please contact us immediately at ragnarokhotsauce@valhol.org. We’ll swiftly address the issue and ensure you receive a replacement bottle.

Yes, the Ragnarok Hot Sauce prides itself on using authentic ingredients. The sauces are crafted using handpicked habanero peppers, zesty serrano peppers, and Carolina-style mustard, ensuring the highest quality and a genuine taste experience.

Absolutely! The Ragnarok Hot Sauce is versatile and can enhance the flavor of various dishes. Whether you’re grilling meats, adding zest to your sandwiches, or spicing up your favorite recipes, our hot sauces add a touch of Norse inspiration and unleash powerful flavors on every bite.

The Ragnarok Hot Sauce can be found on our website. Visit our website to explore our collection and join our growing community of hot sauce enthusiasts and history lovers.

Our sauces are enhanced with xanthan gum, a natural thickener derived from plants. It ensures the perfect texture and consistency without compromising on quality or purity.
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